50 Questions for Every Christian

I came across Guy P. Harrison’s 50 Questions for Every Christian at Barnes & Noble and breifly browsed the table of contents. There are some really good honest questions that tend not to be dealt with adequately by the believing public. I figured I’d use the 50 questions to structure a series of posts to make an articulate case for the Christian faith. I hope to be able to provide some sort of articulate answer to Christians who may be asking themselves these questions, or skeptics who haven’t ever really received adequate answers to these questions or similar ones. At the very least I hope to spurn further thought. So, without further ado, here are the 50 questions he poses that I will answer in the coming weeks:

  1. Does Christianity make sense?
  2. What is a god?
  3. Is it rude to ask?
  4. Does Jesus answer prayers?
  5. Who is a Christian?
  6. Does Christianity make societies better?
  7. What is atheism?
  8. What are Miracles?
  9. Does the complexity of life reveal an intelligent designer?
  10. Have you read the Bible?
  11. Why do some Christians do bad things in the signt of Jesus?
  12. How can we be sure about the resurrection?
  13. How do we know that heaven is real?
  14. Why is God so violent?
  15. What do prophecies prove?
  16. How important are the Ten Commandments?
  17. Do you know the real Ten Commandments?
  18. Is Christianity good for women?
  19. Is it smarter to believe or not believe?
  20. Is the born-again experience in Christianity unique?
  21. Is faith a good thing?
  22. Should children be Christians?
  23. Does Jesus heal the sick?
  24. How do we know that the man Jesus existed?
  25. What about all the other gods?
  26. Are Christians happier?
  27. Is the USA a Christian nation?
  28. How can we be sure that Jesus performed miracles?
  29. What do evil atheist dictators prove?
  30. Is the universe fine-tuned for us?
  31. Could we design a better world?
  32. What has archaeology proved?
  33. Why isn’t everyone a Christian?
  34. What is the problem with evolution?
  35. Is it better to be safe than sorry?
  36. Why did God sacrifice his son?
  37. Did God drown the world?
  38. Why do birth location and family matter so much?
  39. Why do Christianity and science so often come into conflict?
  40. Why do people go to hell?
  41. Can atheists be trusted?
  42. Why hasn’t the Bible convinced more people?
  43. Are angels real?
  44. Is Christmas under attack?
  45. Will the End Times ever end?
  46. Does Christianity make individuals better?
  47. Why does a good god allow so much suffering in the world?
  48. Would you take Jesus’ place on the cross?
  49. Should Christians try to be good skeptics?
  50. Will Christianity endure?